The implementation of digital technology has changed a lot in various industries, especially in pharma! With this technology, patients have the ability to be more responsible for researching their own health and can more efficiently stay on track with prescriptions, appointments, etc. Also, the way pharma sales are conducted has changed in a major way […]

With the emergence of digital technology in pharma, the patient experience and the reputations of prescribers have been largely impacted. More patients have become more self-reliant by searching for health information on the internet through their digital devices, this has caught the eye of prescribers. With the right patient journey management software, prescribers can communicate […]

HUB services have been around for about a decade now. In the past, pharma companies were beginning to recognize that there was more involved in bringing new drugs to the market than just getting the dosages into distribution channels. In addition to more common concerns, pharma was experiencing more and more restrictions from payers. Particularly, from the […]

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