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Swapan Kumar Manna is a digital marketing, social media professional experienced in building brands and businesses with integrated Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies. He is also passionate about new online marketing strategies and advancing thought leadership on SEO and a holistic view of customer-centric digital marketing.
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How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing the Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence or AI sounds very technical and scientific, futuristic even to the ears of ordinary people. We see this thing mostly in sci-fi movies and sometimes in the news where new...

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Why pharma sales operations is important for organizations

'Tis the season for getting into awkward conversations with people you probably haven't seen since the last holiday gathering. And while it's difficult to predict the array of questions you'll be...

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How Companies are Embracing Digital Transformation in Pharma Sales?

Digital is transforming the way the "sales" is done, and healthcare is no exception. According to GreatCall, around 80% of healthcare providers are using smartphones and medical apps daily in...

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Infographic: 6 Facts about how AI & IoT will Impact Life Sciences Industry

Due to the technological shift from last decade there is a significant change driving digital transformation in Life Sciences Industry. Life Sciences industry is always on the frontrunner in terms...

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