The emergence of digital technology is continuously changing how business is done in various industries, especially pharma. Ensuring your pharma sales team alignment is efficient and effective is essential for being commercially successful. An effective sales pharma sales team alignment strategy helps pharma companies set the direction, have better communication, and boost sales team performance […]

In the era of modern technology, most Clinical Trial methodologies still rely on paper-based data collections. However, the recent trends show that the Clinical Trial market is growing like never before and by 2024; the market will reach $2 billion. Dated technology and processes will no longer be able to handle such explosive growth. Fortunately, […]

Every consumer expects businesses to understand them, listen to their requirements, and provide required services. The healthcare industry is no exception – this sector often requires more time to serve the prescriber and patient’s needs effectively.

A patient’s these days live and breathes technology. They are more confident than ever researching their own health needs via technology, from finding healthcare services to connecting with a health insurer to sharing experience with medications and treatments. As their digital footprint grows, prescribers are also taking steps to improve communication with the patient, which provides […]

What is driving pharma to the cloud? Sure, it is value-driven, geared to consumers, specifically patients, who take active roles in their health care and want information at their fingertips instead of waiting for it to trickle down through the maze of doctors, tests, and procedures. And yes, it’s driven by constantly changing healthcare regulations, […]

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