SlideShare: The Social Impact of Digital Prescriber Communications

By | April 15, 2019

SlideShare: The Social Impact of Digital Prescriber Communications

With the emergence of digital technology in pharma, the patient experience and the reputations of prescribers have been largely impacted.

More patients have become more self-reliant by searching for health information on the internet through their digital devices, this has caught the eye of prescribers.

With the right patient journey management software, prescribers can communicate with more patients and build long-lasting relationships through various digital channels.

Going paperless in pharma has been a major change in the industry, some may wonder how many patients are in favor of this change. Well, A recent study has stated that more than two-thirds of patients prefer digital communications from the prescriber over offline communication.

Some ways that digital prescriber communications can be utilized are:

  • Scheduling medical appointments/notifying patients on updates.
  • Ensuring appointments aren’t missed by sending reminders.
  • Alert patients about prescription pick-ups.
  • Ensure patients stay on prescription medication schedule.
  • And more!!

This SlideShare we’ve put together outlines various statistics that help support the major social impact of digital prescriber communications.

The Social Impact Of Digital Prescriber Communications from Prescriber360     If you feel that there is anything we have left out, or if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments! Want to learn more about our Patient Journey solution? Contact us today for a free consultation, we would love to talk with you!    

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