The Hidden Impact of Pharma Call Centers

By | February 18, 2019

The Hidden Impact of Pharma Call Centers

Every consumer expects businesses to understand them, listen to their requirements, and provide required services. The healthcare industry is no exception – this sector often requires more time to serve the prescriber and patient’s needs effectively.

That’s where pharma call centers play a very crucial role in connecting the dots between a patient and the pharmaceutical organization.

Since customer experience drives customer choices, companies are investing into pharma call centers that focus on customer needs and preferences.

About 75% of people agree that it is very time-consuming and frustrating to reach a live agent, especially when their need is urgent.

Research also indicates that consumers strongly prefer telephone communication to resolve their issues quickly, rather than the other medium.

Here is an interesting infographic which showcases the The Hidden Impact of Pharma Call Centers.

2.18.19 Infographic

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