Artificial intelligence solutions can benefit pharma companies in many areas: Clinical Trial Management and Monitoring Drug Discovery and Development Supply Chain Monitoring Sales Territory Mapping Sales and Marketing Analytics All of these areas have a range of AI use-cases which can be powerful. However, enhancing the patient experience is one of the most transformative AI […]

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a technology that has been making its presence felt in various industries. One industry that has benefited more than most from the implementation of AI is the pharmaceutical industry. A major area where AI can assist pharma companies is in drug development. It’s no secret that the cost to develop […]

In the past, Artificial Intelligence (AI) may have been a fancy buzzword that was constantly heard around various industries. Now, however, the term carries much more meaning, especially in the pharma industry. According to Accenture, 74% of pharma executives believe AI will result in significant improvement within the next three years. While you may have […]

Whether it was from movies, books, or on the internet, you’ve most likely heard of therm “Artificial Intelligence” or AI. Maybe you know if it as nothing more than just a buzzword, but trust us when we say it is much more than just that. Especially in the pharma industry. In 2018, the global AI […]

It may not be surprising to many when a trendy technology buzzword goes practically viral. This is what happened with artificial intelligence (AI). It started in the late nineteen-nineties and took a spin in the twenty-first century. The gaining momentum and the ever-growing advancement in artificial intelligence left every company, marketing sector, and financial firms […]

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