Patient’s these days live and breathe technology. They are more confident than ever researching their own health needs via technology, from finding healthcare services to connecting with a health insurer to sharing experience with medications and treatments. As their digital footprint grows, prescribers are also taking steps to improve communication with the patient, which provides a […]

Every industry is changing at a more rapid pace. Products and services are becoming increasingly commercialized. Technology is playing a progressively bigger role in research and development, marketing and advertising, and sales and distribution. The pharmaceutical sector is one that has felt this transformation in research and development over the past few years and will […]

Advances in digital technology have brought in a transformation in the Life Science industry and are playing a defining role in product deployment. It has also changed the methodologies of medical treatments. Artificial Intelligence is set to provide treatments to patients with personalized medicine. The digital age is basically going to set the life science […]

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