Collecting data can be incredibly beneficial for improving outcomes, increasing efficiency and creating a more positive patient experience, but how do you go about ensuring that you’re taking full advantage of the information you gather? We live in an age where it’s commonplace to collect and evaluate data, but success is not a given. There’s […]

Technology has changed the healthcare industry in many areas. These areas include marketing and customer management. As we move forward, it’s very likely that certain trends will expand and grow. Thus, impacting pharma and healthcare marketing and improving both sales and patient outcomes. Here are five trends pharmaceutical companies should watch for and consider embracing […]

Digital is transforming the way “sales” is done, and healthcare is no exception. According to GreatCall, around 80% of healthcare providers are using smartphones and medical apps daily in their practice. More top pharma companies have a chief digital officer or chief technology officer while others are creating digital management roles at the senior level. […]

The emergence of big data, technological advancements and data science approaches has dramatically transformed industries like retail, finance, and travel. The Life Sciences industry is no exception. Companies in the Life Sciences industry have a high-volume of unorganized data sets they aren’t aware of that contains hidden actionable insights. The life sciences industry hasn’t fully […]

Pharma companies are working hard to build effective patient access programs and implement an effective commercial strategy around it. Expiring patents and competitive pressures are challenges. Companies need to explore opportunities with the help of the vast amounts of data they own. Big Data and Analytics capabilities are helping companies define that strategy and execute […]

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