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Clinical Trial Management Systems and the Impact of Cloud Technology

Whether you’re knowledgeable on Clinical Trials and the process that goes into it or not, it is correctly assumed that the work is far from light. There are four phases for each study conducted...

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How to successfully launch a new drug after FDA approval

According to an EvaluatePharma study, two-thirds of all drug launches failed to meet prelaunch expectations in sales their first year on the market. More importantly, of the one-third that did...

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7 top trends shaping the Future of Pharma Industry

Every industry is changing at a more and more rapid pace. Products and services are becoming increasingly commercialized. Technology is playing a progressively bigger role in research and...

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Infographic: How digital transformation is shaping the pharma industry?

Expiring patterns and growing pressure from authorities to reduce drug prices are testing pharma industry. Digital transformation is the avenue which will help companies succeed in mitigating...

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7 trends will shape the pharma industry over the next ten years

One of the biggest challenges to medicine is the incorporation of information technology in our practices.—Samuel Wilson


Every industry is changing at a more and more rapid pace. Products and...

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