The pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of a full-blown digital revolution. Digital technology is taking the industry by the storm, and for a good reason. Physicians’ demand for a more personalized selling approach is one of the many driving forces behind this trend. Although access to physicians has been decreasing over the past decade, […]

An survey found that 65% percent – just over half – of field sales reps at the biggest companies hit their quotas each year. Of course, this issue is problematic for all sales teams, not just those in the life science industry, but pharma companies face unique difficulties such as shifting regulations and rapidly […]

The pharmaceutical industry is nothing like what it used to be 20 years ago. Back then, most doctors welcomed industry representatives with their doors wide open. Physicians were willing to engage in conversations and were ready to learn new information about the medications the reps were there to talk about. Today, however, access to providers […]

The implementation of digital technology has changed a lot in various industries, especially in pharma! With this technology, patients have the ability to be more responsible for researching their own health and can more efficiently stay on track with prescriptions, appointments, etc. Also, the way pharma sales are conducted has changed in a major way […]

The emergence of digital technology is continuously changing how business is done in various industries, especially pharma. Ensuring your pharma sales team alignment is efficient and effective is essential for being commercially successful. An effective sales pharma sales team alignment strategy helps pharma companies set the direction, have better communication, and boost sales team performance […]

Digital technology is continuing to emerge in the pharma industry – when implemented well, sales teams can customize their approach to meet the needs of specific providers and quickly adjust to market shifts. Of course, there’s still a lot of competition, even with digital technology. According to a ZS Associates Inc. survey, more than 50% […]

With the growing number of physicians avoiding meeting in-person with industry representatives, pharma sales reps have their work cut out for them. A decade ago, almost 80 percent of providers were accessible to pharma and biotech company reps. Today, however, we are looking at a completely different picture. In 2017, only 44% of HCPs were […]

If you are in the highly competitive drug development market with multiple products entering the commercial phase of the product lifecycle, there are some key considerations which will make or break your success in the pharma market. These factors directly impact the infrastructure which supports your entire commercial sales and marketing strategy – setting a […]

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