The world we live in today revolves around digital technology. It’s incorporated inside each of our lives every day. FaceTime, texting, emailing, and social media have taken over as main ways of communication in society. These ways of communicating also have been used throughout businesses. Industries are finding ways to adapt to the worlds new […]

Throughout the entire pharmaceutical industry, the patient journey is what remains at most importance. Everything from the awareness stage (such as researching symptoms online), to physician interaction, to appoint follow-ups, and reminders for continued care. Throughout this journey, patients can take twists and turns that can sometimes get confusing and hard to overcome. Thankfully, cloud-based […]

While we celebrate Cinco De Mayo for the victory the Mexican army had over France at the battle of Puebla, it’s important to know of other historical moments that make May 5th a special day. Here are 5 facts throughout history on Cinco De Mayo to keep in mind while having that amazing margarita and […]

According to an EvaluatePharma study, two-thirds of all drug launches failed to meet pre-launch expectations in sales their first year on the market. More importantly, for one-third of the drugs that met their year-one target, 65 percent continued market growth in year two, and 53 percent exceeded goals for year-three.

With populations aging and chronic illnesses growing, the Life Science industry is undergoing a massive transformation. According to Infosys research, for businesses to make the most of this change, they need to focus on renewing their existing systems and processes. They also need to add new technological advancements to gain maximum value from their business […]

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