Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has been slower to implement advanced technology than other sectors. However, the rapid rate of which technology implemented throughout society has forced the hand of the pharma industry to wait no longer. The IoT market value in healthcare was $41.22 billion in 2017. By 2022, the healthcare IoT market is projected to […]

Historically, pharma has been slow to adopt innovative technologies. Today, however, pharma companies are forced to seek out solutions that help optimize their complex processes and reduce their costs. Cloud computing is a highly attractive solution that offers a multitude of benefits without requiring a massive upfront investment. The global cloud computing market is expected […]

An survey found that 65% percent – just over half – of field sales reps at the biggest companies hit their quotas each year. Of course, this issue is problematic for all sales teams, not just those in the life science industry, but pharma companies face unique difficulties such as shifting regulations and rapidly […]

The pharmaceutical industry is nothing like what it used to be 20 years ago. Back then, most doctors welcomed industry representatives with their doors wide open. Physicians were willing to engage in conversations and were ready to learn new information about the medications the reps were there to talk about. Today, however, access to providers […]

It’s no secret that technology has had a major impact not only on our daily activities, but also on businesses in almost every industry. The pharma industry, in particular, has seen major changes throughout many operations due to the implementation of technology. Technology such as Artificial Intelligence has improved drug discovery while Cloud Computing has […]

The implementation of digital technology has changed a lot in various industries, especially in pharma! With this technology, patients have the ability to be more responsible for researching their own health and can more efficiently stay on track with prescriptions, appointments, etc. Also, the way pharma sales are conducted has changed in a major way […]

Expiring patterns and growing pressure from authorities to reduce drug prices are testing the pharma industry. Digital transformation is the avenue which will help companies succeed in mitigating these challenges. Digital transformation provides keys to unlocking the patient access and interaction challenges. Prescribers are finding various avenues to find the information which in turn is […]

One of the biggest challenges to medicine is the incorporation of information technology in our practices. — Samuel Wilson Every industry is changing at a more rapid pace. Products and services are becoming increasingly commercialized. Technology is playing a progressively bigger role in research and development, marketing and advertising, and sales and distribution. The pharmaceutical […]

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